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Wake up, report to the Tect, try to survive.
Life on Carcer Station is a change from the daily struggle of four strangers, Lyra, Zeke, Aquila, and Pollux.
As Children of Titan, the first generation born on Saturn’s colonized moon, they’re used to following rules. But when they wake up on an empty space station with no memory of how they got there and no one in charge, the ghosts of their past scratch their way to the surface. Then things start to go wrong. The power in Carcer Station shorts out, and the veil around them thins. The four must fight to stay alive inside a system that’s falling apart as quickly as their own minds. Even if they can make it out, will they be able to find a way back to Titan, and to a society that accepts them—scars and all?


Misfortune seems to follow the Sayers family. Georgia has tried to reestablish normality since her mother died, and she’s no closer to escaping her strange past when a mysterious fire destroys the only other high school in her tiny Texas town. Georgia is thrown into the company of Luke, a cryptic senior who brings her face to face with the truth about her heritage. Her loving, perfect mother created her family for the singular purpose of birthing five of the most powerful witches in the world, capable of terrifying magic. Now that she knows the truth, can Georgia keep her siblings safe? Who is behind the dark cult that’s after her family? And does Luke know more about her powers than even Georgia does?

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Book 2 in the bewitching Spelled Series

Georgia Sayers is recovering after being attacked by Stola Mortem, the witch cult bent on revenge for the death of their leader, Faolan Sicario. Georgia has trapped what is left of Faolan’s soul in a powerful onyx stone, but struggles to prevent his soul’s escape. With Stola Mortem still after the family, can Georgia and Luke find a way to seal Faolan away forever, or will the witch Isolda exact her revenge before they run out of time?

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