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The Ptolemy Project

One test. no way out.

winner of the 2024 IPPY Awards

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About Kate

A little bit about Kate

Kate is an author in Austin, Texas. She is an advocate for education through fiction, and works with young writers through various #OwnVoices and underserved youth groups. She loves speaking on the topics of mental health, Queer characters, and addressing deep societal issues through the underpinnings of a story. She is available for speaking opportunities in both foreign and domestic capacities. 


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The Ptolemy Project

Children of Titan Book 1

Four young adults -- part of the first generation born on Titan, Saturn's colonized moon -- find themselves trapped on a deserted space station with no way out other than a series of strange tests. 


The Sayers Witches #1

Georgia Sayers thinks she has outrun the stigma that haunts her family. But when a mysterious fire brings her into orbit with a stranger, the past begins to resurface. Can she protect her family before it's too late?


The Sayers witches #2

The Sayers Family tries to return to normality in light of the truth about their heritage, but the past refuses to stay hidden. Now, it seems an evil force refuses to leave them, and they must find a way to stop it once and for all.  

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The Ptolemy Project Audiobook - Coming Soon ✨

Reviews For The Ptolemy Project

“Like The Hunger Games, I simply COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! The story immediately pulls you in and the writer's writing style is just fantastic.”

Hailey O'Neill, Bookstagram Influencer

“Readers who appreciate Catherine Fischer's Incarceron series will want to serve time in solitary with this one.”

Kirkus Indie

“St.Clair is an author to watch, and an inspiration to those who wish to shape the world through literature.”

Next Generation National Book Awards

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